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European Nightcrawler Worm

You can catch more fish with this best live bait worm.  Why?

The European Nightcrawler is truly an amazing earthworm.  It's tough, durable, and active.  This worm stays on the hook longer, stays active longer, and stays alive longer under water (even in brackish water) than any other worm.  And fish like live, active worms, don't they?

These worms are bigger than the Red Worm, but smaller than the Canadian nightcrawler.  One big advantage over the Canadian is the European nightcrawler requires no refrigeration.

But our European Nightcrawler has one more quality you won't find anywhere else - it has a sense of humor.  Check out the cartoon below.


Your can order your European nightcrawlers with confidence from our secure Online Store.  You'll receive a free Vermicomposting/Worm Care Guide with your order.

Some More NightCrawler Info:

    The European nightcrawler is larger than the Red Worm but smaller than the Canadian nightcrawler (which can be TOO big), making them the ideal bait worm.  They're also tougher, staying alive longer and much more active than other types of fishing worms.  They are the only earthworm suitable for use as bait in brackish salt water.

    European's are more heat tolerant than the Canadian nightcrawler, and more cold tolerant than the African nightcrawler. If kept at 70 degrees, European's will keep alive and healthy in the cup from three to five weeks.  At 60 degrees, they'll keep even longer. In beds, they do well in temperatures ranging from 50 to 90 and can tolerate temperatures much higher or lower if their bedding is of the proper depth and moisture content.

    You often see comments that the European nightcrawler is not suitable for composting.  However, it  makes an excellent composting worm and produces some amazing castings.  The criticism  has been the nighcrawler will crawl.  The fact is, any worm will crawl, including the red worm.  Just keep them fed and the bedding moist and your worms, whatever the species,  will stay put.

    A European nightcrawler will produce about one egg capsule per week, if kept within the optimum temperatures and fed well.  If they are not too crowded and are happy, they will breed faster.

    If you have a place to keep them that will provide the conditions described above, it's relatively easy to grow your own fishing worms.  Or, buy enough in bulk to do you over several weeks of fishing and save money.

    Whether you're looking for bait or composting worms , the European Nightcrawler is "one good worm".

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